Harvested at high altitude, pashmina is the noblest variety of cashmere, the oldest and the most luxurious.
It comes from the winter down of the Changra goat, where it is the finest and softest: on the neck and stomach. This “pashm” down is a kind of hyper cashmere that the goat only produces in extreme conditions, ie above 4500 m altitude. It is therefore only harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas, especially in Ladakh.
A goat produces around 150g of pashmina per year. In spring, when it loses its winter down, it is combed so as to collect the silkiest, finest and longest hairs, a guarantee of quality.
While a cashmere fiber is less than 19 microns in diameter, pashmina is thinner: less than 15 microns.

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