Fashion Eye Silk Road

The Silk Road, passing through an extraordinary variety of landscapes and landforms, has long been a magnet for intrepid travelers, not least the Japanese photographer Kishin Shinoyama. The images in Fashion Eye Silk Road were selected from eight volumes published in 1981 and 1982. They tell us how the people live, taking in both market scenes and places of worship. They also provide an invaluable record of treasures like the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, the ancient city of Palmyra and the souks of Aleppo in Syria which, sadly, have been wiped off the map by wars and fanaticism.

Detailed Features

  • 9.3 x 12 inches
  • Fashion Eye Silk Road
  • Photography by Kishin Shinoyama
  • Edited by Patrick Remy
  • Silkscreen-printed cloth binding

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